to DelightedLAD, you're deluded if you think Remy will cost liverpool less than borini will cost sunderland over the course of their contracts. UseyourbrainLAD
Been going out with my girlfriend for 6 years. Couple of days ago managed to have sex twice in one day (both times with her I might add) for the first time in 5 and a half of those years. KnackeredLAD
Selling Fabio Borini for £14m and signing Loic Remy for £8.5m. If Liverpool's business was a woman, they'd give me a massive erection. In fact I've already got one, DelightedLAD
Recently noticed that the 7/10 cleaner has the exact same tattoo as Delta White, in roughly the same place 2/3's of the way up her tit. Surely increases my chances of getting my knob polished? SqueakycleanLAD
Is there anything more embarrassing than watching sex scenes on TV with your parents in the room? Yep. Watching it with your girlfriend's parents AwkwardLAD
Not long broke up with my girlfriend who was a complete psycho, when i get a text from her saturday night telling my she's on a date with some random bloke, then half hour saying she wants to get back with me. My response, shag her best mate and send her a picture. ruthlessLAD
See a LAD on the metro every now and then and without fail he has a Michael Owen euro 2004 England shirt ifitaintbrokeLAD
Well i finally entered a relationship but this one is different and a very true story. She was a good friend of mine and i've known her for about 7 years now and i knew for a couple of years that i have been hiding and denying even myself my feelings towards her...that reason is she is transgender. She is from Saipan and i met her in London 7 years ago on the music scene i'm usually involved in and we got to be good friends but the past 2 years we have been getting closer but i denied it because i thought it might be 'Gay'. I can assure anybody i am not gay, i have no attraction to anybody that looks like a man. She looks, acts, talks like a woman. She happens to have a penis. I don't really know why i'm typing it on here, but nobody in my personal life knows yet apart from one of my good mates who is a girl. None of the LADs know yet. I'm really not ashamed but still a bit scared to tell the LADs, just because it will be a huge shock to them because of the amount of girls i've been with. I hope they accept it like i'd accept anything they would tell me cos they're my best mates. So any support here might give me that boost to share it with the world around me. HappybutnervousLAD.
As far as i'm concerned, Gerrard retired from international football in 2010. OverratedLAD
Gerrard is retiring from international football youllBeMissedLAD
I was on a train last week, when the conductor started with the normal spiel "Welcome to the 1054 service to Liverpool Lime Street" when I thought nothing of it, but continued to listen as I always do, "This service will be calling at: Leeds; Dewsbury; Huddersfield; Stalybridge; Manchester Piccadilly, ManchesterOxfordRoadBirchwoodWarringtonCentral [massive gasp of air] sorry guys, I tried to do it in one breath but failed miserably. This service will also be calling at Liverpool South Parkway and Liverpool Lime Street. Please have your tickets ready, and I'm sorry once more for failing you" brightened up my day at least. ConductorLAD
Went back with a girl the other night but then she claimed she wasn't in mood anymore and asked me to leave. Then outside house waiting for a taxi and her housemate comes out and invites me in. Start getting sucked off and then first girl walks in and in a moment of bravery, I wave hello and ask if she wants to join us. Door slams shut and the girl sucking me off starts laughing and calling me a brave idiot. TryingforatricycleLAD
LADs, if you meet a hottie but she's got a bf don't just give up on her. What you want to do is become a not that close friend (i.e. not friendzoned) who you have a flirty relationship with. Therefore if she does break up you are ideally placed to swoop in. Done it several times with girls I know. AdviceLAD
Van dam is back with a film LADs night this week is sorted LovesABitOfViolentVanDamLAD
I am a postman not once has a hot milf tried to fuck me. I have however been bitten by a cat ( not even a fucking dog ) seen more older LADies saggy bums that in a gilf gang bang and found out that half the neighbourhood hate the person they're married to. However I have lost half a stone EveryCloudLAD
I reckon if you had the chance to do anything you wanted as a super power for the day you'd stop time , you could check in on Kate upton in the bath, avoid the token telling off for being late to work and make sure your man hose doesn't blow it too soon. SuperPowerLAD
Played football with the LADs in the park and after an epic bicycle kick I managed to smack a man in the face with the ball. He chased me round the park and then when he caught up with me gave me his card as he's a talent scout. Feeling like finally at 32 my moment had arrived I showed the LADs. Epic moment till Dave pointed out it wasn't that kind of talent. It was man on man adult films. WTFLADs
My wife made me look at seven houses this weekend, we can't afford them, we aren't moving she just likes to dream. I have loaded seven porn films of my choice onto her iPad. She won't do any of it, she won't discuss it but we both have dreams. EqualityLAD
This weekend I won on the golf so thanks to Rory I have enough to buy lunch for all my team at work. I am of course not going to that but instead will invest it in a cheeky go kart session with the LADs at the weekend. MarioLAD
LADs who are in new relationships enjoy the early days of oh I don't eat much and just a saLAD as soon they'll be feet under the table muffin top over the belt and trying to steal half of the chips they didn't want off your plate like a pig at a troff TimeForAnUpgradeLADp
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