My girlfriend is unhappy she's put on weight, I'm not bothered as her tits have grown. So I cooked dinner for when she got back from Work rather than the usual Saturday night take out and now apparently I think she's fat. NoNotFatButMentalLAD
I've managed to get three maybes, and 4 yes' this evening for dates for next week all from giving out business cards that say I'm a vet. It's not technically a lie as I'm sure going to give their pussies the once over. VetLAD
Top tip date a diabetic SoManyEasterEggsLAD
I just love a ball I get one every year from my mates and it makes me the happiest person ever BallBoyLAD
Why do girls have so many feelings, I think it's enough to just do hungry sad happy sleep why all this analysis. And for the record It's hard suck it isn't mean or uncaring its clear and understandable unlike I want but don't want but like but aren't sure. Going to find a non English girl who speaks nothing but yes or no and then I can imagine that all the feelings talk is filth talk. NotAPsychologistLAD
Contemplating taking sweets out next week to stop a 7/10 I likes fat mate from cock blocking HereFattyFattyLAD
Been to the football. Had a drink. Seen an old photo and still going to say Henrik Larsson is still one of the best players i have ever had the pleasure of seeing. LovesalegendLAD
I have a phobia of plasticine animation TruthfulLAD
I have only just became aware that you can change the flag on your post. From now on I will use the England one since its world cup year. SimpleLAD
Nothing beats a film like Toy Story 2 when you're feeling down and depressed. Woody'sroundupLAD
It's that time of year again LADS. Where's the cue ball going?! MagicoftheCrucibleLAD
Fabio BoriniLAD
To the LADS moaning about the price of a pint being over £3. In Norway they're currently about £9-£10 a pint. Britain'sgoodforsomethingsLAD
Just stunk wetherspoons toilets. Out with last. Nights fish curry fishfridayLAD
I love pussy juice. LAD
Got kicked in the balls 3 days ago playing football and my left nut is about the size of an orange still. probablyshouldgotothedoctorLAD
Spent most of last night seeing how close I can get to sucking myself off. singleLAD
Best man at a wedding today. Got chatting to one of the bridemaids last night at the bar and we flirted a lot but I couldn't close (nervousLAD). Anyway, she came up to me this morning and asked how I was doing. I am bricking it about the speech later as I've never done a big public speech before. She said to meet her in the LADies just before the speeches start and she would help ease my nerves! blowjobLAD
BeerLAD's deal is on at Tesco, I got them in yesterday lettingtheLADsknow
WinningLAD, my mrs loves a finger up the bum, and is always dragging my hand down that way when we're shagging. Not sure she'd want my cock up there but takingwhaticangetLAD.
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