Does anyone else find that the best naps they ever have is when they fall asleep in front of the tv watching sport after a big meal? The girlfriend doesn't get how I can claim to be such a big fan of rugby/football/snooker and yet unless it's a big match I'll drop off 55 minutes in without fail, waking up occasionally to check the score. ISupport40WinksLAD
Read this in the paper just now: A United fan since birth, Daniel Moran, 19, has been used to supporting a winning team his entire life. It's been difficult adjusting to the Moyes era, he admitted. "I've gone off football a little bit," he said. Because loyalty has gone out of the game? Apparently not: "Because we're losing." NothingMoreToSayUltimateShitLAD
He's going to risk a deep screw into the brown. IlovesnookerLAD
Has any LAD ever used the flap at the front of your boxers for a piss? Let alone undo the button! EasiertopullthemdownabitLAD
It made me so happy to read a post about the snooker that wasn't written by myself. Honestly thought I was the only fan. PotthepinkLAD
Dennis Taylor calling Alan Mcmanus "Angles Mcmanus" due to his outrageous plants. DennisLAD
Just worked out that over the last 4 weeks at uni, I've been averaging 2.29 wanks per day. ProcrastibationLAD
David Moyes doesn't even know what he's doing on Fifa. I created my own player and i was hardly in any of Man Utd games. At the end of season i was still the top goalscorer in the season (AmateurLAD) and we won the league. Next season Moyes then suggests for me to go out on loan DumbLAD
Jeremy Clarkson has sparked a racism row after calling his black dog 'Didier Dogba'. Nopecan'tfindasinglefuckClarksonLAD
I know tourettes isn't something to laugh at, but I urge you to watch 'I swear I can't help it' on youtube. Bunch of Scottish chaps, who come out with some absolute gems. YourdogsgottitsLAD
To HelpABrotherOutLAD, there is no easy way to do it without causing explosions, stop being a pussy and just get on with it. She'll cry and tell you that you've "broken her heart" and how she doesn't want anyone else apart from you, but dragging it out just makes everything worse. Besides if she doesn't say anything like that then she's probably been boning someone else, in which case you're better off anyway! SpeakingFromExperienceLAD
Alan McManus' trousers in the Crucible this year. NofucksgivenLAD
Back in the day, as a teenager, I got hold of a Polaroid camera (oldschoolLAD) and took a bunch of photos of my then girlfriend in - and out of - some fancy underwear. A while later we broke up, so I returned the photos to her. Unbeknownst to me she kept them in a cupboard somewhere and later told me that her mum found them. She only told me this after I'd popped round to see her (stillfriendsLAD) and had been chatting to her mum casual as you like. SheknowsiknowsheknowswhatididLAD.
I no longer desire to be in a relationship with my current girlfriend... been together 3 years and my parents love her, I don't know how to drop the bomb without causing explosions. Need all the LADvice I can get, HelpABrotherOutLAD
When house viewing I immediately signed for a house purely because it's round the corner from a pub with free pool and £1.80 a pint! MaybeashitholebutI'llbedrunkLAD
One of my bestLADs slept with my missus while we were on a break (shitLAD). She promised it was just a drunken mistake and we got back together. Do you think I should forgive the mate for breaking the sacred rule of friendship? GoodLAD for forgive him and still be mates or shitLAD for wipe the cunt out my life. CheersLADs.
Man Utd's twitter page posted birthday wishes for Dion Dublin before they announced the sacking of David Moyes. DionDubLAD
Swedish gals, british or australian? That's the big question. I have to be biased, but still not, Sweden has the gals of your dreams.
I work in an office of women and, although I try not to be sexist about women's driving usually, I have to confess that the car park is horrendous. ThinkI'llCycleLAD
we was round our mates yesterday pre drinking, whilst he's grabbing a quick shower we manage to put pubes in his baccy, run up a £30 babestation bill, and I also got dared to have a wank into his washing up liquid bottle. Naturally I did it cuntishpranksterLAD
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