To WhoIsBandLAD? - No no no. If this was an episode of Columbo we'd know who BandLAD is from the very beginning, but we wouldn't learn how he came to be BandLAD until the very end of the episode. JustonemorethingLAD.
I can't be the only LAD who swipes to the right on Tinder and just hopes for the best #DrySpellLAD
If you use hashtags you're a cunt. # means number and nothing else. Let'sstopthisLADs
Should you let a fellow LAD, who you don't know that well, know that his shitLAD girlfriend cheated on him when on holiday? Or is this none of your business? UnsureoftheboundariesLAD.
It's been nearly a week and I'm still none the wiser to who BandLAD is. For fuck sake, you're dragging this out longer than an episode of Columbo. WhoIsBandLAD?
A gentleman always holds a door open for a girl, then smacks that ass as she walks through lineLAD
Just arrived a day ago in a 6 LAD house in australia for a semester of uni, the other day i put up a calender in the kitchen so we could sort out the worthwhile events we'd all need to be about for. So far all thats on the list are the inbetweeners film, fifa 15 release and various australian music festivals. LikemindedausLADs
Cheated on my girlfriend in Zante last week #NaughtyLAD
So I was shagging my wench girlfriend (she's real) and we we're proper shagging hard but she knows I'm a HandjobLAD so she stopped doing the shags and gave me a handjob while wearing my beast cap she's a true LADette my wench beastLAD HandjobLAD
when i was 14 my mate told me that whenever you do anal. If the girl farts while your dick is up her ass then you instantly become paralysed from the waist down #DisabledLAD
When I was drunk, I left a voicemail on my girl mate's phone saying "if you ever want me to fuck you up the arse, please call this number" WhydidIdoitLAD?
Women's gymnastics...a dangerous watch jailbaitLAD
To BrownwingsLAD, I'm with you mate! With anal, cos it happens so rarely, I bloody love it! Feels like when you get into a club underage. It isn't all that great really, but the fact you managed to get in just makes it unbelievable. PunLAD
Met some American tourist girl last night at a pub in london and she was staying above the pub. We went up for sex and another girl is sat in the room so I'm thinking threesome and the girl Im with says "don't mind her" - so as were going for it this other girl is sat on her laptop with her headphones in browsing youtube, she then started touching herself without taking anything off and she still did not join in. I was still turned on by it but either they do this all the time or i looked like a lousy shag and she couldn't be arsed, i was steaming drunk though. ProbablylookedshitinbedLAD.
Got with a stripper in Zante HolidayLAD
PinkoverstinkLAD, I used to share your attitude towards putting it in the poo. It is not something that naturally appeals to me. However my gf (6/10) occasionally is in the mood for it and I'm not going to encourage her to be less filthy. Once you get over the initial anxiety of getting your cock stinky, it is definitely an upgrade on pink in terms of sensation. brownwingsLAD
MuchAduAboutNothingLAD from a few weeks ago here, bearing news about the whereabouts of Freddy Adu! He's signed for Jagodina of the Serbian SuperLiga, and in their press release they wrote the immortal line "he is one of the most popular players ever on the famous computer game Football Manager." Poor sod's potential on a video game outweighs anything he's actually done in real life! MuchAduAboutNothingLAD
It's 2:28am and I'm wide awake following a very good date. Have tried reading, weights and obviously a wank but still buzzing. Don't know what's wrong with me. NeedsaslapLAD.
Spunked my load inside two birds at the weekend! shaggerLAD
First thing I do when a girl walks past, is take a look at their arse. ArselovingLAD
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