Went to Harvester (ValueforMoneyLAD) with my girlfriend(7/10) yesterday. We were at the saLAD bar when a littleLAD (couldn't be much older than 5 or 6) strolls up in a full kings outfit, crown and all. He was clearly struggling to get his own food so my girlfriend asked if he needed help. The littleLAD said yes please and started giving instructions, "3 cucumber" and then insisted that he check his bowl after each serving saying "thank you very much" each time PoliteLittleLAD. He was very precise "4 lettuce", "5 square breads(croutons)". At this point my girlfriend had actually fallen in love with how polite he was. "23 sweetcorn" he asked nicely, my girlfriend didn't want to touch his food so just had a rough guess and put them in his bowl. He then checked, double checked and triple checked and then yelled at the top of his voice "TOO MANY, OFF WITH HER HEAD" and ran back to his table. PreciseLAD, OffWithHerHeadLAD
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