To the LADs on Derrin Brown live, who when given the opportunity to write Derrin a serious question like everyone else did, instead wrote cock. BanterAtEveryOpportunityLADs
Went to Amsterdam on my 18th with my dad and all my mates....walking down the red light district my dad turned to me and said pick one...happy birthday boughtmysonaprostituteLAD
Total respect for the men and women on night of heroes military awards. They are the TrueLADs.
Cracked out the De-Icer spray this afternoon, wasn't going anywhere, just wanted to draw pictures in the snow with style. SnowBanksyLAD
To the LAD in the boots advert ignoring his missus and shooting at things with the hair drier noonecareswhatshehastosayLAD
School I'm a trainee at had a raffle to win this amazing gingerbread xmas house. Paid my quid and found that no-one had picked number 69 as their raffle number so I just had to. Organiser read out "and the winner is number 69: Joel Durston" with most of the teachers none-the-wiser to the inside joke but me and the P.E trainee LAD exchanging smirks. Happycheeky LAD.
woke up after a night out and couldnt remember a thing what happened. Went to the jacks for the usual morning piss and my cock was covered in glitter. CantRememberButLookedLikeItEndedWellLAD
Got rugby Christmas party tomorrow, and Work on Monday at 7am, bringing a tent and a sleeping bag and camping outside my office to make sure im there, dedicatedLAD.
This is to the absolute LAD on the train to london who just asked his missus to go to the buffet car for a beer and some nuts then when she asked him why she had to go he turned around and said "because youre my bitch, now go" dominantLAD
Dad comes in from work takes the remote while my mum is watching Desperate Housewives and puts on Sky Sports News. She says " excuse me i was watching that " he replies " there's a TV in the attic love" AlphaMaleOfTheHouseLAD
Been stuck in traffic for three hours tonight due to the snow. The guy in front of me made the most out of the unpleasantness by absolutely flooring his car and skidding all about in his lane while driving 5 mph. Colin McRea LAD
Spotted the bbc reporter was filming up my street in the park, so i sneakily ran up to see him. He spotted me and tried to get into his van, but he wasn't quick enough. I'd thrown the mother of all snowballs at him and it hit him just as he tried to get into cover. PrecisionLAD
Rory Mcllroy when asked, 'who would you prefer as your caddie: Georgie Thompson or Charlotte Jackson?' Mcllroy, 'they can do 9 holes each!' fairisfairLAD
On my way to the luton rugby club santa sleigh ride which consists of 25 santas doing an 18 hole pub crawl while collecting money for a good cause. SupposedToBeInlondonTomorrowMorningLAD
Just found this status - 'its like -100 degrees outside and some bloke just got on the train with an ice cream!!! Wtf?!?!'. Doesn'tgiveashitLAD.
To all the trueLADS out there I present...the 12 days of LADmas(to be sung to the tune of 12 days obviously) On the 1st day of LADmas a true LAD sent to me: A GrandLAD still buying jonnys. 2.Two perfect boobs 3.Three fingers in 4.four shots of jager 5.Five solid 8's 6.Six wins on bookies 7.Seven cheeky nutmegs 8.Eight pints of strongbow 9.Nine goals on FIFA 10.Ten LADs on tour 11.Favorite porn sites 12.Fellow TRUELADS!!!! EnjoyLAD
Driving into oncoming snow at night time, feeling like i'm driving at lightspeed! Han SoLAD
Just told my dad how much I'm squatting (gymLAD) and he said "I can lift that on my cock end." DadLAD.
Works meal tonight, all suited and booted job! I dont have any "formal" socks to go with my suit and shoes. White england socks it is then!! FootballsocksoveranysocksLAD
Whilst smashing a 6/10 girl, stopped abruptly to shout " IT'S SNOWING ". Promptly came as fast as I could and called fellow LADhousemates for a snowball fight. SexandSnowLAD
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