Driving into oncoming snow at night time, feeling like i'm driving at lightspeed! Han SoLAD
Just told my dad how much I'm squatting (gymLAD) and he said "I can lift that on my cock end." DadLAD.
Works meal tonight, all suited and booted job! I dont have any "formal" socks to go with my suit and shoes. White england socks it is then!! FootballsocksoveranysocksLAD
Whilst smashing a 6/10 girl, stopped abruptly to shout " IT'S SNOWING ". Promptly came as fast as I could and called fellow LADhousemates for a snowball fight. SexandSnowLAD
On the way home from a week away in greece with the fam. Check in was delayed so me and my dad perched against our suitcases and people watched. A hen party of around 20 (ranging from 7-9/10) strutted past. being closely followed by a hideous plump 3/10. dad paused and simply asked. "Would you have a spin on a fat bird?" curioustohowhehasbroughthissonupLAD
To the complete LAD who gave the blonde girl I saw at Southampton Uni library the most beasty lovebites i've ever seen. Literally looked like she'd been eaten by a vampire. MarkingHisTerritory/GaveHerANighToRememberLAD
New bed arrived yesterday in bits, after 4 hours of struggling to put it together (shitLAD)so finally called my Dad. He turns up 15 minutes later with a huge toolbox despite only using an alen key and has the job done in ten minutes. DadLAD.
After finishing a lecture (UniLAD) the pathway leading out of the hall was covered in ice, this lead to most students grabbing onto the railings and trying to make their way out. I Decided to man the fuck up, took a run up and slid all the way across it, make in across on both feet still only to be greeted with a few cheeky smiles - I just casually walk off. IceCantStopMeLAD
Was sitting in a busy train in Manchester, when a middle aged couple opposite me started having a domestic (awkwardLAD) and she was proper having a go at him. Then she said to him that he was more likely to go to the pub with his idiot mates than make it up to her, to which he casually replied "yeah". To top it off, the wife started feeling guilty and tried to apologise. His response? He fell asleep. dominantLAD
Alexander Amstrong on his show Pointless the other day offers an upset woman his hanky as she appears to be crying, she thanks him and says "Can I keep it?" he looks her up and down and replies "No". LAD
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12014274 Looking after the LADs.
To the twelve LADs who went into their farm business management (farmaccountingLADs)exam wearing shirt ties and sports jackets, with the attitude "look smart, be smart" FailinginstyleLADs
To the train driver on the way to Cardiff asking us to remember to take your ski's, sledges and snowboards with us as we leave because its like the north pole out there...cue the entire train errupting with a massive whhaeeeyyy!!! TraindriverLAD
18 year old LAD on countdown getting 'orgasmed' for an 8 immediately prompting Jeff to ask susie in dictionary corner if 'if thats as good as it gets' lovingthebanterJeffLAD
I needed a piss, but instead of going to the toilet I went outside and spelt my name in the snow. yellowsnowLAD
Me and my bestLAD didn't want to spend too much on each other for christmas as i'm skint and he's got a missus which he likes to treat (kindLAD). Went out shppping earlier today, came back to our uni flat, with festive joy in our eyes, exchanged gifts. Chicken and bacon supreme meal for me, quarter pounder with cheese meal and cheese melt dippers for him. FestiveMenuLADS
To all the LADs in the Rugby and Football teams at the Uni of Gloucestershire: You LADs are something to aspire too... Getting kicked out of BUCS due to "deep roooted anti-social behaviours". Former LADs salute you BLUEANDBLUETHRUANDTHRULAD!!
At this time of year, I dry my balls with a hairdryer. roastedchestnutsLAD
When asked by a Spanish journalist, "who would you rather sleep with, Angelina Jolie or Penelope Cruz?" Johnny Depp replied " Why not both?" LAD
Me and my mate both pulled these two birds one night in a club, my one was a clear 7.5/10, my mates was a clear elephant (tubbychaserLAD). They both wanted to come back to my place to keep drinking once the club closed. When we were all back at mine the fat one started giving my mate a blowwy (probably hungry) while me and my mate were sat on the same sofa. Then my one took the hint and started giving me one too. My mate looked over at me and offered me a high five, the chubber heard and bit his cock. OverexcitedLAD
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